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Philip Bradbury Author

Summary list of writing/publishing experiences

  • Publisher of books

  • Commissioning Editor for Business Books

  • Publisher of national magazine,

  • Website Editor/Writer

  • Columnist for magazines in four countries,

  • Writer of 16+ published books,

  • Editor for national magazine,

  • Reporter for weekly newspaper,

  • Professional freelance writer, proof-reader and editor for clients in Australia, Czech Republic, Norway, Slovenia, Germany, Romania, Arabia, Britain, Canada and America.


Books written


Write That Book Now – a book/course for writers

Life Rejuvenated – personal/spiritual growth

Whose Life Is It Anyway? – personal/spiritual growth

Change Your Life, Change Your World – personal/spiritual growth

The Twelve Week Miracle (with Anna Bradbury) – personal/spiritual growth

Conversations On Your Business – business growth

How To Get Out of Debt ... and stay out forever – debt reduction



53 SMILES – 53 53-word stories

97 SMILES – 97 97-word stories

Dactionary - a dictionary with attitude

45 Moments With Men



The Last Stand Down – a thriller novel

My Whispering Teachers – short stories

Circles of Gold – a novelette

Gerald the Great of Gorokoland – a novelette

The Meaning of Larf - humour


For more information on these books, see


Personal experiences

In New Zealand I experienced life as an accountant, credit manager, company director, shepherd, scrub-cutter, tree pruner, freezing worker, plastics factory worker, saxophonist, army driver, tour bus driver, stage and television actor and singer, builder, lecturer, facilitator for men’s groups, reporter, columnist, magazine editor, publisher, writer ...

In South Africa as an AIDS workshop co-facilitator ...

In the Australian bush as a barman, horse and camel trekker and stock-whip teacher ...

In England as a contract accountant, corporate trainer, estate manager, lecturer, singer/songwriter, website editor/writer and freelance writer …

Now that I’m back in Australia, house renovating, teaching and writing, I’m wondering what’s next!

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