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Lynette Lloyd Moss

Author / Editor / Publisher

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Lynne is the managing editor and publisher of  LLOYD MOSS publishing, an author services consultancy. She is also an author of three self-published books, two of which are listed.

Lynne has a background in educational publishing, having worked in one of the large global publishing companies for ten years.


At LLOYD MOSS publishing we take a personal approach to meet our author clients’ needs in a variety of projects and genres. In some projects, we provide manuscript appraisals and/or editing services whilst in others we provide a complete package of editing and self-publishing. Our motivation is to foster the writing skills and techniques of our clients as well as to build their self-belief, ensuring they reach their goal of becoming a published author.


















A Beautiful Thing: Jesus and the Women Who Loved Him’ (published November 2021) – More information is available on


 ‘The Belly of the Whale and Other Short Stories’ (published 28th March 2022) – More information is available on

Lynette J Lloyd


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